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Home Mortgage Ontario and HCC Mortgages Ltd. are your Mortgage Centre Specialists for first-time homebuyers, new home purchases, refinancing your current home, switching lenders for a lower interest rate, taking-out equity to consolidate debt, second mortgages, or applying for a home equity line of credit (HELOC) in Barrie, Ontario.

Communicating in Ways Convenient to You!

Families in Canada are busy these days and in many cases, the time required to make important financial decisions is not available. We understand that shopping for your Barrie mortgage may not be at the top of your list during business hours; that’s why we encourage you to use the lines of communication most convenient for you and your schedule!

Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience using your favourite social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Not into social media? Use your smartphone to email or text/SMS 519-903-0598 24-hours a day to receive quick answers to your questions and help you get started on your Barrie mortgage application!


About Barrie, Ontario Canada

Barrie Mortgage Broker | Barrie Home Mortgage Refinancing Renewals
Barrie is a vibrant and attractive city with swimmable beaches and challenging ski hills just outside the door. With a great deal of parkland, 90 parks in all, comprising in excess of 300 hectares are scattered throughout the city. Several of these parks line beautiful Kempenfelt Bay. Spanning an area of over 75 square-kilometres, the City of Barrie is home to 136,000 people making it the 34th largest city in Canada. Approximately 50 minutes (90 kilometres) by car north of Toronto, many residents make the commute south on highway 400 each day to work.

Your Mortgage Centre is your Barrie mortgage broker and would be more than happy to assist you with your next mortgage transaction. Expect the lowest interest rates upfront and unbiased advice to help you make the best decision for your situation. Contact us for first class service and you will leave with the confidence that you have obtained the best mortgage product for you and your family.

When you search for Barrie mortgage broker in the Google search bar, you receive over 2,554 different bank and mortgage broker listings appear. With Canadian financial institutions such as CIBC, Royal Bank (RBC), Toronto Dominion (TD), Scotia and Bank of Montreal (BMO) in the area, many resort to their branch for mortgage financing without realizing the huge interest savings that exist by utilizing your Barrie mortgage broker. Be sure to contact us to discuss your options after receiving a mortgage offer from your bank. I guarantee I will save you money and time over your bank.


Barrie Mortgage and Real Estate Resources

City of Barrie – Official Website for the City of Barrie, Ontario

City of Barrie Property Tax Rates – Access the City of Barrie property tax rate table for residential, commercial and other types of properties in Barrie, Ontario.

Barrie Police Services – City of Barrie Police Service.

Barrie Colts – Official website of the Barrie Colts Ontario Hockey League (OHL) Junior hockey team.


Why a Barrie Mortgage Broker?

  1. Saving You Thousands – Barrie mortgage brokers shop all lenders for the best mortgage rates and products for your particular situation. While your big bank can only offer you a limited selection of mortgage products at uncompetitive posted rates, we find the lender with the best product match for you at rates far below posted rates.
  2. Saving You Hassle – Since an Barrie mortgage broker shops all available lenders, we negotiate on your behalf to get you the best mortgage rate and flexible terms. Finding the client the best product at the lowest interest rate is our job and we take it seriously.
  3. Saving You Time – Your Barrie mortgage application can be completed online, over the phone, or through fax in minutes! Big banks and credit unions typically require the borrower to make an appointment and often times, the borrower agrees to their mortgage product without understanding the other options available. We will take your application and give you options and time to determine which is best for you and your family.
  4. Saving Your Credit History – Every time a potential borrower applies for a mortgage at different financial institutions, their credit report must be checked individually by each lender. Every credit check performed on a credit report negatively impacts the credit score of the individual. By shopping Barrie mortgage lenders on your behalf, mortgage brokers are able to pull your credit history once for the entire process.
  5. Saving You Fees – Best of all, Barrie mortgage broker services are FREE to the borrower!
  6. Saving You Doubt – While the financial advisor at your bank wears the hat of investment advisor, personal banking associate, Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) advisor, and many more, often times mortgages are not their specialty. Barrie mortgage brokers and agents are licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and all licensed agents and brokers can be found online. For example, you can see Hussein Saad’s licence information with FSCO here.
  7. Saving You Apprehension – Mortgage brokers provide a service to the client and commit to finding the best mortgage rate and product for every client. Your bank or credit union advisor is hired to sell the client their products, regardless of whether it is in the best interest of the client.

Go ahead, we encourage you to bring in your big bank’s best mortgage rate and we will get lenders competing to save you the most interest possible!


Your Barrie Mortgage Centre Can Help!

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Maximum Mortgage Loan-to-Value (LTV)

Mortgage Type

Maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV)

Home Purchase 95%
Home Purchase – 5% Cash Back 95% + 5% Cash Back Downpayment
Home Refinancing 80%
Secondary Home 95%
Second Mortgage 80%
Rental Property 80%
Home Equity Loan 80%



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Contact The Mortgage Centre for a no-obligation financial analysis and advice on how to get the best Barrie mortgage and take the for the next big step in your life!

Don’t get stuck in the “big bank mortgage game” and simply lock-in to the inflated 5-year fixed rate that they convince so many of their loyal customers to agree to – speak to us about your options and allow us to show you how to save thousands of dollars over your next Barrie mortgage term!

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