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Single Mom with Bad Credit?

Boost your Credit Score to Avoid High Rates Single moms all over North America have to work hard to make their ends meet. They have to make payments for insurance, mortgage, medical, grocery, utility bills, etc. all on one income. Many times, single moms have a hard time making payments and become bad creditors. They […]

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Avoiding Power of Sale or Foreclosure

Home Mortgage Ontario Guest Post By Michelle, @financeport A mortgage loan is one that is secured against a property by using a mortgage charge. Since most clients looking to purchase a home do not have enough money to make a cash purchase, mortgage financing is requested from a bank or mortgage broker. By making monthly […]

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What Affects Credit Score? Beacon, FICO, & Credit Reports

Credit reports and corresponding credit scores are used by lenders to help determine whether an individual is worthy of receiving additional credit. Canadian credit bureaus such as Equifax and Transunion keep tabs on North American consumers credit history and spending habits to assist lenders in making decisions regarding who they grant credit to and under […]

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Are You Eligible to Apply for a Home Mortgage With Bad Credit?

For any mortgage, the lender will review your financial situation and credit report before approving you for a home mortgage loan. In order to lower their own risks, lenders prefer borrowers with a healthy credit history and good credit score. However, depending on your situation, exceptions may be made. Here are a few steps you […]

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Bankruptcy vs. Foreclosure – What You Should Know

Author: Juliana Montgomery When looking at bankruptcy vs foreclosure, you should think about several different parts of your finances. It is important to educate yourself regarding all parts of each option. This includes current and future consequences as well as the suitability of the solution for your circumstances. Both have long term ramifications and neither […]

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