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How Much Are Closing Costs?

By As you can tell, Hussein is a passionate mortgage agent. He wants his clients to understand each part of the home buying process, including how mortgage rates are calculated and how your property taxes will work. But there’s one aspect of the home buying process that surprises far too many buyers and that […]

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Single Mom with Bad Credit?

Boost your Credit Score to Avoid High Rates Single moms all over North America have to work hard to make their ends meet. They have to make payments for insurance, mortgage, medical, grocery, utility bills, etc. all on one income. Many times, single moms have a hard time making payments and become bad creditors. They […]

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Current Mortgage Rates in Toronto & Across Ontario

Mortgage Centre Offers The Most Toronto & Ontario Mortgage Options As your Toronto and Ontario mortgage broker and home finance specialists, The Mortgage Centre can offer you the most mortgage options than any other bank or credit union. Since we work for you, not the lender, we look to suggest lenders offering you the best […]

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How Are Mortgage Rates Calculated?

Where Are Mortgage Rates Going? Most homeowners who still have a balance remaining on their mortgage are interested in current mortgage rates as well as where they are going as their renewal dates get closer. However, the majority of homeowners are guided by the media when it comes to mortgage rate speculation. Wouldn’t it be […]

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What the Stock Market Is Telling Us – Market Indicators

By Michael Lombardi Profit Confidential Writer All eyes are following the world central bank activity as the investors speculate on where to put their money in the stock market. The month of August 2012 stared at a dismal jobs report; with the Labor Department reporting an addition of only 96,000 jobs, as against the predicted […]

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