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How Are Mortgage Rates Calculated?

Where Are Mortgage Rates Going? Most homeowners who still have a balance remaining on their mortgage are interested in current mortgage rates as well as where they are going as their renewal dates get closer. However, the majority of homeowners are guided by the media when it comes to mortgage rate speculation. Wouldn’t it be […]

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PC Financial Mortgage? Why Not Pay Less Interest?

We Have PC Financial Mortgages, but Suggest Secondary Lenders Your Mortgage Centre mortgage brokers at HCC Mortgages LTD. can offer you all PC Financial mortgage products that your local kiosk, online at, or even on rate comparison sites such as Rate Supermarket and Rate Hub, but have other Ontario mortgage lenders offering even better […]

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Lower Rate CIBC Mortgages At Mortgage Centre

Want a CIBC Mortgage, but at a Lower Interest Rate? Your Windsor Mortgage Centre mortgage brokers at HCC Mortgages LTD. can offer you all CIBC mortgage products, but at a lower interest rate than your branch. We can also offer lower CIBC mortgage products than Rate Supermarket and Rate Hub because through mortgage rate comparison […]

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Lowest Mortgage Rates – Rate Hub & Rate Supermarket – For Real?

So you’re comparing rates on Rate Supermarket and Rate Hub… What’s the catch? If you’re reading this post right now, chances are, you may have typed Rate Hub or Rate Supermarket into Google and accidentally clicked on this post! Otherwise, you were probably specifically looking for someone to explain what conditions you can expect when […]

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Low Mortgage Rates | 2.99% 5-Year Fixed

Currently, Home Mortgage Ontario can provide mortgages for home purchases at 2.99% fixed for a 5-year term, if your closing date is within 45 days! While most big banks are offering 5-year mortgage rates of almost 4% and higher, this is a great opportunity to save your family thousands in interest over your 5-year term! […]

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