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Buying Versus Renting – Which Is Best?

Rent vs Buy Calculator | The Mortgage Centre | Renting Versus BuyingIt can be tough to decide whether renting or buying is in the best interest for you and your family. We have provided a handy rent vs. buy calculator below which will allow you to consider some of the costs associated with home ownership such as property taxes and other up-keep expenses.

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Simply fill in your current rent and what your anticipated costs of home ownership are, and this calculator will tell you what makes more sense financially when determining whether you should rent vs buy. Of course, if you’d like a more comprehensive analysis of your situation with expert unbiased advice, feel free to talk to us via our contact us page.

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Rent vs Buy – Prepare for Your Future as a Homeowner!

Many suggest that owning a home is always a better option than renting, but it is important to understand whether owning a home is in your best interest given your current income and situation. Typically, owning a home is more costly than renting, but acts as a long-term investment which pays you back over time. In some Ontario real estate markets, it is important to utilize a rent vs buy calculator to ensure that it is in your best interest to buy at the current time. In hot markets like Toronto, renting may make more sense until you can save up a large enough downpayment.

Buy Versus Rent – Speak With a Professional

While our buy vs rent calculator and home ownership tools are helpful to direct you to decide which makes the most sense for you and your family, you should contact a professional to discuss your financial situation and create a budget to truly understand which is best for you; renting versus buying. Get in touch with us by clicking here to speak with a Home Mortgage Ontario to assist you in making a big decision which will affect your finances now as well as down the road.

Rent vs Buy in Windsor or Essex County? Talk to Us!

With such an affordable housing market, getting out of your apartment and into your own home in the Windsor and Essex County area is often cheaper than rent! Although you must save for upfront costs, often times, your mortgage payment will be cheaper than your monthly rent. Why not start investing in your own home while the Windsor real estate market allows for it?

Rent vs Buy in Toronto? We Service the GTA and All of Ontario

While we are located in Windsor, Ontario, much of our business comes from the Greater Toronto Area including Milton, Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, Pickering, Scarborough, Aurora, Newmarket, Orangeville, and more! We can beat the rates of the big banks throughout Ontario, so be sure to get pre-approved with Home Mortgage Ontario today!

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