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All Ontario Mortgage Offer – 2.50% 5-Year Variable Rate

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The Best Ontario Mortgage Rate Offer

These rates are the Best Ontario Mortgage Rates available in the province and are offered exclusively by me, Hussein Saad from The Mortgage Centre in Ontario.


How Can You Provide The Lowest Mortgage Rates?

Due to a strong relationship with my lenders, I have access to the lowest interest rates. For a limited time only, I will be using my own commission earnings to buy-down these already low interest rates to offer the lowest Ontario mortgage rates in the province!


Where Are These Low Interest Rates Available?

I am a licensed mortgage agent to arrange mortgages across the province of Ontario by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). This means that I can offer mortgage broker services in any Ontario city including the following:

…and YOUR city, too!



How Can I Take Advantage of These Low Rates?

These rates are available for a limited time only.

You can begin by making an appointment to meet in person, calling me on my cell phone at (519) 903-0598, or by completing our online application.


In-Person or From a Distance – We Do It All!

While I assist clients in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario on a regular basis, my online presence attracts the majority of my clients from cities across the province.

The mortgage application, submission and signing of documentation can all be completed from a distance to ensure that all is in place for closing day at your lawyer’s office.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Our Best Ontario Mortgage Rates Assume:

  • Established credit history
  • Beacon score of 620 or greater
  • 5-Year Variable 2.50% – Minimum downpayment of 5%
  • Single Family Primary Residence
  • 120-day rate hold period


Mortgage Centre rates may change without notice subject to market conditions. Mortgage products are subject to change and availability.

Mortgage rates advertised are offered by Hussein Saad and cannot necessarily be offered by other mortgage specialists from the Mortgage Centre.

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