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Are You Eligible to Apply for a Home Mortgage With Bad Credit?

For any mortgage, the lender will review your financial situation and credit report before approving you for a home mortgage loan. In order to lower their own risks, lenders prefer borrowers with a healthy credit history and good credit score. However, depending on your situation, exceptions may be made. Here are a few steps you […]

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Bankruptcy vs. Foreclosure – What You Should Know

Author: Juliana Montgomery When looking at bankruptcy vs foreclosure, you should think about several different parts of your finances. It is important to educate yourself regarding all parts of each option. This includes current and future consequences as well as the suitability of the solution for your circumstances. Both have long term ramifications and neither […]

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Why Companies Still Provide Bad Credit Loans

The FICO score starts from 300 and it ends at 850. This score determines whether you will be eligible for a loan or not, and how much you will be given. The score is usually calculated using a number of variables such as your monthly income and expenses, the debts that you have, you job […]

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