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Why a Mortgage Broker Has the Best Mortgage for You!

Why a Mortgage Broker Has the Best Mortgage for You | Mortgage CentreWe work for YOU, not the lender!

Why a mortgage broker? We have the best mortgage products available because we have Canada’s leading lenders compete for your mortgage, then we provide unbiased advice so you can choose the mortgage that best suits your situation.

Why a mortgage broker? Our services are FREE to the borrower.

Home Mortgage Ontario and The Mortgage Centre has access to all Ontario lenders and we research to find the client the best mortgage rate and mortgage terms – for FREE!  While the big banks pay their mortgage consultants and financial planners an annual salary regardless of how many mortgages they arrange, a mortgage broker is paid by the lender only when a mortgage is funded.  This means lower expenses for the lender and the best mortgage rate for the client!

We’ll find you the best mortgage rates.

In spite of what other web sites may say, the only way to accurately quote you the best-available rate that is appropriate for your situation is to let us do a free analysis, then shop the market for you.

While Mortgage Centre and other mortgage broker websites list best mortgage rates online, it is important to contact us for a free financial analysis to discuss which mortgage product and rate makes the most sense for your family.

Why a mortgage broker? Honesty.

At Home Mortgage Ontario and The Mortgage Centre, we work hard to ensure that our rates posted online are as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Keep in mind, rates do change regularly, but we will always go above and beyond to ensure you are as informed as possible.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that most rates posted online or in newsprint are available to clients with specific credit qualifications. Be sure to contact the mortgage agent you are thinking of working with to get a better understanding of the rate you should expect to receive based on your specific situation.

Another consideration is that some mortgages with very low rates may not give you the options or flexibility you need. The only way we can accurately quote you the best rate is to do a free analysis of your situation, needs and goals. Then once we know exactly what’s right for you, we’ll shop the market and find you the best-available package of rates and features.

We would be thrilled to be the mortgage broker to work hard for you, not the lender. If you’d like to explore your mortgage possibilities without requiring a credit check, contact us so we can perform a free financial analysis for you today!

We work for you, not the lender

Since we don’t work for a lender, we’re not motivated to lead you in only one direction. We’ll analyze your needs, shop the market for the best mortgage rates and available deals, then recommend the one that fits your needs best.

When we say we work for you, we mean it.

Your Mortgage Centre Consultant will do all the work of mortgage shopping for you, so you can concentrate on making your move go smoothly. We’ll meet to discuss your needs when and where you like—or handle everything over the phone, email, or text, if you prefer. We’ll take the time to explain all the steps and terms in plain English to make sure you’re completely comfortable. Then we’ll shop your mortgage to Canada’s leading lenders who compete for the opportunity of funding your mortgage.

Access to the leading lenders in Ontario and Canada

Because we don’t work for the lenders, we have virtually unlimited access to leading financial institutions from across Canada. This guarantees you a huge range of mortgage options to choose from, so finding one that fits your needs precisely is easy. And as independent local business people, we won’t lead you in any one direction. We’ll offer expert, unbiased advice so you can feel confident you’re getting the best in both rate and features.

Why a mortgage broker? Here’s how we work for you:

  1. The Mortgage CentreWe sit down with you, evaluate your needs and complete an electronic application form.
  2. Based on your application, our exclusive electronic bid system generates a one-page personalized mortgage proposal for you that outlines the lenders’ best rates and product features.
  3. Together we decide which lender offers the most attractive package of rate and features for your specific needs.
  4. We then electronically forward your application to that lender.
  5. Once approval is received—usually within a matter of hours—you simply sign the required forms and you’ve got your mortgage! Then, over the next few days and weeks, we follow up with all supporting documents.

To get started today, contact us to find the best mortgage option for your particular situation.

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