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Our Best Mortgage Rate Is Lowest Mortgage Rate in Ontario

Get a 2.55% 5-Year Variable Mortgage (Prime – 0.45%)

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Best Mortgage Rate in Ontario

Best Mortgage Rate is the Lowest Mortgage Rate in OntarioIf you are currently looking for the best mortgage rate in Ontario, you have found it here at Home Mortgage Ontario and The Mortgage Centre. We are currently offering a limited time rate special from one of our lenders at the lowest 5-year variable rate offered in years at PRIME – 0.35% – the lowest mortgage rate in Ontario!

With the recent Canada mortgage rule changes by Jim Flaherty, it is expected that the Canada prime interest rate will stay at 3% for a while longer. With our current 5-year fixed mortgage rate at 3.04% for Windsor and all of Ontario, you are guaranteed to save interest with this particular variable mortgage rate until the prime interest rate is increased twice; typically in quarter percent increments.

Details of Our Best Mortgage Rate 2.55% Variable

  • Only insured new purchase and switch mortgages qualify. This means the original home purchase must have had a downpayment of less than 20% and therefore required Canada Mortgage and Housing Commission (CMHC) or Genworth mortgage insurance. Unsure? Contact us!
  • Maturity date is September 1st, 2017. This means this low mortgage rate offer will be up for renewal on September 1st, 2017 regardless of your mortgage closing date. If you close on October 1st, 2012, your mortgage term will be 59 months or 4 years, 11 months rather than for 5 full years.
  • 120 Day Commitment Period / Low Mortgage Rate Hold
  • No pre-approvals – Real mortgage deals only
  • Prepayment Privileges – 15% + Double Up
    • Pay up to 15% of the original principal on any payment date in $100 increments
    • Double-up monthly payment(s) on any payment date (must be equal to payment)
  • Minimum $50,000 mortgage amount
  • Minimum 600 beacon score with relatively clean credit report
  • Early Payout – 3 Months interest for the entire term
  • Convertible to First National’s Best Rate provided term selected less time elapsed is equal to or greater than the original term

Compare Our Best Mortgage Rate With the Big Banks in Canada

Ontario Mortgage Banks 5-Year Variable Posted Rate
Home Mortgage Ontario 2.55% (Prime – 0.45%)
BMO 3.10% (Prime + 0.1%)
CIBC 3.20% (Prime + 0.2%)
RBC 3.20% (Prime + 0.2%)
Scotia 3.10% (Prime + 0.1%)
TD 3.20% (Prime + 0.2%)


Is 2.55% Not The Lowest Mortgage Rate in Ontario? Let Us Beat It!

While I am confident that our 5-year variable rate of 2.55% (Prime – 0.45%) is currently the lowest mortgage rate in Ontario, we always encourage you to bring your rates from your big bank, credit union, or other Ontario mortgage broker so we can make it worth your while to work with us! We strive to offer our clients in Windsor, London, Kitchener/Waterloo, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Thunder Bay and everywhere in between the lowest mortgage rate in Ontario regardless of the term or product you choose.

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